2nd Wave Coffee

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2nd Wave Coffee refers to a particular movement in the coffee industry that started in the late 20th century. It was characterized by a shift in consumer preferences towards higher quality coffee and a focus on the overall coffee experience. In this wave, coffee became not just a beverage, but a cultural phenomenon.

During the 2nd Wave, coffee chains like Starbucks played a significant role in popularizing specialty coffee. They introduced a wider range of coffee drinks, such as lattes and cappuccinos, and emphasized the importance of freshly roasted beans and skilled baristas. This wave also saw the rise of fair trade and organic coffee, as consumers became more concerned about the social and environmental impact of their coffee choices.

Overall, the 2nd Wave of Coffee brought a new level of sophistication and appreciation for coffee. It expanded the market for specialty coffee and shaped the way coffee is consumed today, with an emphasis on quality, variety, and the overall experience of enjoying a cup of coffee.