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In the coffee industry, the term "body" refers to the physical sensation or mouthfeel of the coffee. It is a subjective measure of how the coffee feels in your mouth and the overall texture and weight of the coffee on your palate. Coffees can range from light-bodied to medium-bodied to full-bodied.

Light-bodied coffees have a thin and delicate mouthfeel, often described as tea-like. They are typically low in acidity and have a subtle flavor profile. Medium-bodied coffees have a slightly thicker mouthfeel and a more balanced flavor profile, with a good combination of acidity and sweetness. Full-bodied coffees have a rich and heavy mouthfeel, often described as creamy or syrupy. They are usually high in acidity and have a robust flavor profile.

The body of a coffee is influenced by factors such as the coffee bean variety, the roast level, and the brewing method. For example, a dark roast coffee will generally have a fuller body compared to a light roast coffee. Similarly, a coffee brewed using a French press method will often have a heavier body compared to a coffee brewed using a pour-over method. The body of a coffee is an important characteristic to consider when selecting and enjoying your favorite cup of coffee.