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Cherry is a term used in the coffee industry to describe the ripe fruit that surrounds the coffee bean. It is the stage at which the coffee cherry is ready to be harvested for processing. The cherry is usually bright red or sometimes yellow in color, depending on the variety of coffee. It is carefully hand-picked by experienced coffee farmers to ensure that only the highest quality cherries are selected.

Once the cherries are harvested, they are processed to remove the fruit from the bean. This can be done either through a wet process, where the cherry is washed and fermented before the bean is separated, or through a dry process, where the cherry is dried and then the fruit is removed mechanically. The cherries play a critical role in determining the flavor profile of the coffee, as they impart unique characteristics to the bean during the processing stage.

In the coffee industry, the term "cherry" is also used to refer to the size of the coffee bean. A larger coffee bean is often referred to as a "cherry" bean, while a smaller bean is called a "peaberry." The size of the bean can impact the flavor and intensity of the brewed coffee. Coffee lovers and enthusiasts pay close attention to the cherry size when evaluating and selecting their desired coffee beans for roasting and brewing.