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Cubano coffee, also known as Cuban coffee or café Cubano, is a popular beverage in the coffee industry. It is a unique and delicious espresso-based drink that originated in Cuba. It is made by brewing a strong shot of espresso and then adding sugar, typically in the form of demerara or raw cane sugar. The coffee is brewed to a thick consistency, resulting in a strong and flavorful beverage.

Cubano coffee is known for its sweet and robust flavor profile. The addition of sugar not only enhances its taste but also creates a caramelized layer on top called "espuma." This layer adds a delightful texture and richness to the drink. Cubano coffee is often enjoyed in small cups or "demitasse" and is a staple in Cuban households and cafes.

With its bold flavor and unique brewing process, Cubano coffee has gained popularity worldwide. It is often served as a standalone beverage or used as a base for other coffee drinks like cortadito or café con leche. Whether you are a coffee enthusiast or looking to explore new flavors, Cubano coffee is a must-try for its distinct taste and cultural significance.