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Dry is a term used in the coffee industry to describe a coffee bean that has been processed using the dry method, also known as the natural process. This method involves drying the coffee cherries in the sun, allowing the fruit to dry and naturally ferment before removing the outer layers to reveal the coffee bean inside. The dry process is commonly used in regions where water is scarce, such as Ethiopia and Brazil.

The dry method is known for producing a unique flavor profile in the coffee. It tends to result in a fruitier and more complex cup, with notes of berries and wine. The process can also contribute to a fuller body and a slightly more acidic taste compared to coffee processed using other methods.

Coffee beans processed using the dry method are typically sorted and graded to ensure consistency and quality. The dry process requires careful monitoring and control of the drying time to prevent over-fermentation and off-flavors. Overall, dry-processed coffee offers a distinct and vibrant taste experience for coffee enthusiasts looking for something out of the ordinary.