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Earthiness is a distinctive flavor profile often found in coffee, particularly in certain types of beans and specific growing regions. It is characterized by rich and deep flavors that resemble the aroma of soil, earth, or mushrooms. This flavor profile can be attributed to the influence of the coffee bean's terroir, which includes factors such as soil composition, climate, and altitude.

Earthiness in coffee is often associated with beans grown in regions such as Sumatra, Ethiopia, and Guatemala. The flavor is usually described as bold, rustic, and grounding, with a certain depth and complexity. Earthy coffees are often preferred by those who enjoy a full-bodied and robust cup, as well as those who appreciate the unique and natural characteristics that coffee can exhibit.

When roasting earthy coffees, it is important to maintain the balance between the desired earthy notes and other flavors. Over-roasting can result in a burnt or bitter taste, while under-roasting may not bring out the full depth and complexity of the earthiness. Overall, earthiness adds a distinct and intriguing dimension to the coffee experience, appealing to those who seek a connection to nature and an exploration of unique flavor profiles.