Green Beans

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Green beans, also known as raw or unroasted coffee beans, play a vital role in the coffee industry. These beans are the primary starting point for the production of the beloved beverage. Green beans possess a distinct earthy aroma and are characterized by their green color, which comes from chlorophyll.

Before they can be transformed into the rich and flavorful coffee that people enjoy, green beans must undergo the roasting process. This process takes the green beans from their natural state and enhances their aroma and taste profile. The roasting process involves heating the beans to high temperatures, causing them to change in color, texture, and flavor.

Many factors influence the quality and flavor of coffee, and the quality of green beans is one of the most critical elements. Coffee farmers and producers carefully select the green beans they use, ensuring they are of the highest quality. The green beans' characteristics, such as their origin, variety, and growing conditions, contribute to the unique flavors found in different types of coffee.