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Lungo is a popular coffee beverage that is widely enjoyed in the coffee industry. It is similar to an espresso shot, but with a larger volume of water and a longer extraction time. This results in a milder and less concentrated flavor profile compared to espresso, making it a preferred choice for those who enjoy a less intense coffee experience.

Lungo is typically made by using the same amount of coffee grounds as espresso, but with double the amount of water. The extended extraction time allows the water to pass through the grounds slower, extracting more oils and flavors from the beans. The longer extraction also produces a higher volume of coffee, usually around 2 ounces, which is perfect for those who prefer a larger serving size.

Due to its unique brewing method, lungo offers a distinct taste that is characterized by a balanced and smoother flavor profile. It usually exhibits a rich aroma, a somewhat less intense acidity, and a slightly bitter aftertaste. Lungo is often served in a larger cup to accommodate the increased volume, allowing coffee enthusiasts to savor its unique characteristics and enjoy a longer and more satisfying coffee experience.