Monsooned Coffee

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Monsooned Coffee is a unique variety of coffee that has gained popularity in the coffee industry. It is a process that involves exposing the coffee beans to the monsoon winds, resulting in a distinct flavor profile. The process was first discovered in India when green coffee beans were exposed to the moisture-laden winds of the Arabian Sea during the long sea voyage to Europe. Today, the coffee beans are carefully spread out on open-sided warehouses during the monsoon season, allowing the winds to infuse the beans with moisture.

This unique aging process imparts a mellow and less acidic taste to the coffee beans. Monsooned Coffee is known for its earthy and full-bodied flavor, with notes of spices and nuts. The extended exposure to moisture also causes the coffee beans to swell in size and turn pale yellow, giving them a distinct appearance compared to regular coffee beans.

Monsooned Coffee has gained a dedicated following among coffee enthusiasts who appreciate its unique taste and the story behind its production. It is often sought after for its low acidity, smoothness, and bold flavor. Whether enjoyed as a standalone cup or used as a component in blends, Monsooned Coffee offers a delightful twist to the traditional coffee experience.