Old Crop

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Old Crop is a term used in the coffee industry to refer to coffee beans that were harvested in the previous season. These beans are no longer considered fresh and are typically sold at a discounted price compared to freshly harvested beans. Old Crop beans can still be of high quality and have distinct flavor profiles, but they may have lost some of their original characteristics due to extended storage.

In the coffee industry, it is important for buyers and roasters to be aware of the crop year of the beans they are purchasing. Old Crop beans are often used in blends or for less discerning consumers who are not as concerned with the freshness of the beans. However, for those who value the freshness and nuanced flavors of coffee, it is recommended to look for beans from the current crop year.

Roasters and coffee shops may offer Old Crop beans as a way to provide more affordable options to their customers while still maintaining a certain level of quality. By using Old Crop beans in their offerings, businesses can cater to a wider range of coffee drinkers and provide a more diverse selection of flavor profiles.