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Peaberry is a unique type of coffee bean that is highly prized in the coffee industry for its distinctive shape and flavor profile. Unlike regular coffee beans that consist of two halves, a peaberry bean is formed when only one seed develops inside the coffee cherry, resulting in a smaller, rounder shape with no flat side.

Because of its shape, peaberry beans are often sorted and sold separately from regular beans. They are known for their intense flavor and higher acidity, which is attributed to their smaller size and concentrated nutrients. Peaberry coffee is characterized by its vibrant and complex taste, often described as being more fruity and brighter compared to regular beans.

In addition to their unique shape and flavor, peaberry beans are also sought after for their rarity. It is estimated that only around 5-10% of coffee cherries produce peaberries, making them a prized find for coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Whether enjoyed as a single-origin brew or blended with other beans, peaberry coffee offers a memorable and distinct experience that sets it apart in the ever-evolving world of specialty coffee.