Q Grading

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Q Grading is a standardized coffee grading system used in the coffee industry to assess the quality and characteristics of coffee beans. It is an internationally recognized system that helps coffee professionals objectively evaluate the taste, aroma, and overall cup quality of coffee.

The Q Grading process involves trained and certified Q Graders who use a specific protocol to assess and score different aspects of the coffee. They evaluate factors such as fragrance, flavor, acidity, body, balance, and aftertaste. This meticulous evaluation helps determine the coffee's grade and potential market value.

Q Grading is crucial for coffee producers, buyers, and roasters as it provides a common language and standard to communicate the quality of coffee. It helps buyers make informed decisions, ensures consistency and transparency in the coffee trade, and promotes fair pricing for high-quality coffee. Q Graded coffees often command a premium price in the market due to their superior taste and attributes.