Red Eye (or Eye Opener)

A decorative image for Red Eye (or Eye Opener)

Red Eye, also known as Eye Opener, is a popular beverage in the coffee industry. It is a potent concoction that combines drip coffee with a shot of espresso. This powerful drink is favored by coffee enthusiasts who seek an extra kick of caffeine and a robust flavor.

The name "Red Eye" derives from its reputed ability to jolt sleepy individuals awake, giving them the appearance of having red, bloodshot eyes. As an Eye Opener, it is commonly enjoyed in the morning or early hours to jumpstart the day with a burst of energy.

The combination of drip coffee and espresso creates a unique taste profile for Red Eye. The smoothness of the coffee is enhanced with the intense and concentrated flavor of the espresso. Coffee lovers who appreciate a bold and rich coffee experience often turn to Red Eye as their preferred choice.