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Ristretto is a highly concentrated form of espresso that is becoming increasingly popular in the coffee industry. It is made by the same process as espresso, but with half the amount of water. This results in a smaller, more intense shot of coffee that is rich in flavor and aroma.

The name "ristretto" comes from the Italian word meaning "restricted" or "limited," which refers to the limited amount of water used in its preparation. This brewing technique extracts the best qualities of the coffee, creating a bold and intense taste profile that is often described as bittersweet and chocolaty.

Ristretto is favored by many coffee enthusiasts for its concentrated flavor and strong caffeine kick. It is commonly enjoyed on its own as a quick shot, or it can be used as a base for other espresso-based beverages, such as lattes or cappuccinos. Its intense flavor makes it a perfect choice for those who prefer a robust and full-bodied coffee experience.