Semi-washed honey process

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The semi-washed honey process is a method used in the coffee industry to enhance the flavors and characteristics of the beans. It is a hybrid process that combines elements of both the dry and wet processing methods. During this process, the outer skin of the coffee cherries is removed, leaving behind a sticky layer of mucilage, which contains natural sugars. The beans are then partially dried with the mucilage still intact before being fully washed to remove any remaining mucilage.

This unique processing method results in a coffee that exhibits the sweetness and complexity of a washed coffee, with the body and mouthfeel of a natural coffee. The sticky mucilage layer imparts a distinct sweetness to the beans, while the partial drying allows for some fermentation to occur, contributing to the complexity of flavors. The semi-washed honey process requires careful monitoring to ensure the right balance of fermentation and drying, resulting in a truly exceptional cup of coffee.