Strip picking

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Strip picking is a commonly used method in the coffee industry for harvesting coffee cherries. It involves selectively picking only the ripe cherries from the coffee plants. In strip picking, coffee pickers move along the rows of coffee plants, rapidly stripping off all the cherries from the branches in one go. It is an efficient method that allows for quick and uniform harvesting of the cherries.

This method is particularly beneficial for large-scale coffee plantations where the focus is on maximizing productivity and minimizing labor costs. Strip picking also ensures that only the fully ripe cherries are harvested, which is crucial for maintaining the quality and flavor of the coffee beans. By picking the cherries at the peak of ripeness, coffee producers can achieve a rich and flavorful cup of coffee.

However, strip picking requires skilled laborers who can accurately identify and select the ripe cherries. It also requires regular monitoring of the coffee plants to determine the optimal time for harvesting. Despite these challenges, strip picking remains a popular method in the coffee industry due to its efficiency and ability to produce high-quality coffee beans.